From vintage jewelry to antiquarian books, from mid-century modern to Victorian sterling, and from fine art to architectural salvage, the Sunday Antique Market is bursting with eclectic and ever-changing pieces, including valuable antiques and sought-after vintage.
The Sunday Market vendors are constantly out in the field, tapping into private sources across North America, sleuthing estate sales and haunting out-of-the-way auctions. You'll find collectible ceramics and lighting, antique watches, vintage jewelry, art and photos.
If it’s rare, if it’s collectible and if it’s a hot item, the Sunday Market vendors find it first. And they sell it at hard-to-beat prices.
Regular and one-time visitors all have the same goal: to find something special. Perhaps it’s a bit of nostalgia – a favourite toy or a book of poetry from your childhood; or a unique statement piece like a vintage brooch or a bold retro vase. To the hip and the young, it’s new and different and ahead of the trend. To the sharp-eyed collector it’s the rare treasure. To the designer it’s creative inspiration. For everyone, it’s the thrill of the hunt.
The Sunday Antique Market is a weekly antiques and collectibles show and sale that takes place every Sunday in the historic St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood at 125 The Esplanade.


Dealers at the Sunday Antique Market scour the world for their pieces – sterling silver from England, folk art from Quebec, antiquarian and old books from private collections and unique pieces from estate sales.

The Sunday Market spans the centuries, with designers and collectors finding inspiration in classic and mid-century pieces and reinterpreting them as part of today’s hot fashion and design trends.

“We sell the pieces that inspire the designers,” says Marlene Cook, who launched the Sunday Market more than thirty years ago, having been an enthusiastic collector herself since the age of twelve.

Whatever your passion or your pursuits, whether you’re a serious collector, a fashionista, a casual browser or someone looking to decorate your home, you’re sure to find something unique and reasonably priced at the Sunday Antique Market.

The only constant is serendipity. Every week yields new surprises. Unlike an antique store, there are always new vendors. In addition to the solid core of regulars who always have new things to offer, there are also one-time vendors, antique dealers and personal collectors divesting themselves of their collections.


It’s fitting that the Sunday Antique Market should be located in the heart of Toronto’s oldest historic neighbourhood. This picturesque location has one of the largest concentrations of Victorian buildings in the City with the venerable St. Lawrence Market at its hub. This is where the city of Toronto was born.
In the 19th century it was the city’s commercial centre. From 1845 to 1899 it was home to Toronto City Hall, the police station and jail, and a farmers’ market. In those days, before reclamation pushed the shoreline further south, the St. Lawrence market backed onto Lake Ontario giving it access to the wharves and docks of the busy, strategically located harbour.
Today it’s a lively and vibrant historic district. It’s packed with busy home décor shops, bistros, cafés, pubs, fine restaurants and coffee bars.