In 1940 the site became a large munitions plant, manufacturing rifles and small arms for the Canadian Army through the Second World War. It was a key industry in Lakeview.

By 1943 the factory employed more the 5300 workers, two thirds of whom were women, playing a major role in the allied war effort during the Second World War and demonstrating their ability in a field that had traditionally been considered “men’s work.” This new role was instrumental in recognizing women’s importance to the workforce in Canada, creating significant change in Canada’s work life.

The factory, known as the Small Arms Inspection Building (SAIB), was slated for demolition in 2008 and purchased by the City of Mississauga in 2017.

Located at 1352 Lakeshore Road East it’s a 20 minute drive from downtown Toronto. You can take the Go Train to Long Branch Station. It’s also a short stroll to the lake for those who want a few moments to commune with nature.